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Woodland Spirits RAVEN & WOLF

artist: Leo Osborne
style: Sculpture
height: 16width: TBA
About This Piece
Limited Edition of 100 Dimensions WOODLAND SPIRITS: The symbiosis of wolf and raven, our Woodland Brothers, is a gift to show us how to live as one. Their mystery goes deeper as Woodland Spirits become the Keepers of the Ring Thus transforms once again the Wolf and the Raven, the mystic and adventurous, tricksters of many worlds. Stories are told of the Ravens desire to gather shiny things and to hold them in its cache. This time the Raven has found something of precious nature and has brought it to the Wolf for consideration. The Wolf is full of wisdom and stories of many times and places. The Raven, shape shifting and cunning, knows that what he has found is of great importance and full of powerful energy, but he needs the knowledge encoded in the stories of the Wolf to understand the power of The Ring. Sleeping in ancient dreamtime, the Wolf is awakened by a Raven whispering into his ear and is intrigued enough to open his dreamy eye to see the Bearer of the Ring standing before him in the presence of Raven So the two, together as Wolf and Raven come into a reality, which once again brings on now a symbiosis of spirit, not simply the physical plane as before The cryptic messages that come to them are of Union in the Ring, as one being. Through this dialogue comes the knowing within and the unveiling of mysteries from ancient times and thus continues the adventures of the Raven and the Wolf. A Wedding Present as wonderful as your Union tocherish all your days together. And to remind each other that each of you brings a uniqueness and individuallity and worthiness to this Union.
Regular Price: $2850.00

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