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G H Rothe

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G.H. Rothe is renowned as master of the mezzotint and as one of the world's greatest living artists. She combines technical mastery with inspired imagination. She was born in 1935 in Beuthen, Germany (ceded to Poland in 1945) and her studies in art history, human anatomy, goldsmithing and extensive drawing culminated in her discovery of the mezzotint technique. Impelled to revive this most difficult technique of printmaking led to an invention in 1972 never accomplished before in mezzotint: transparency. Her years of research and constant practice supplied the perfect medium for her vast repertoire of images.
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Extra Effort
Style: Figurative
height: 10width: 28

Price: $7000.00Special: $800.00
Artist: G H Rothe

Limited Edition Mezzotint Available in Blue Tone or Sepia Tone Retail Price $7000.00 Unframed/Compare on E-Bay Clearance Price $800 Collector Condition
Style: Still Life
height: 9width: 12

Price: $2000.00Special: $900.00
Artist: G H Rothe

Limited Edition Mezzotint Edition 150 1983 Museum quality exquisitely framed offered at $1200.
Style: Still Life
height: 12width: 18

Price: $37400.00Special: $16500.00
Artist: G H Rothe

Limited Edition Mezzotint 1984 Edition 100 $34,000 for Gold Plate and companion mezzotint $3400.00=Total Value of $37,400.00 Preferred Customer Price $16,500.00 Will consider a respectable offer. Offered with museum quality framing at no additonal charge. This could be a tax advantage investment opportunity. INCLUDED FREE G H ROTHE CATALOGUE RAISONNE Sold Out Delux Edition Leather Bound Collectors Book - Value $1000.
Kiwis and Their Leaves
Style: Still Life
height: 10width: 11

Price: $3500.00Special: $1500.00
Artist: G H Rothe

This Mezzotint lists for $3500.00 UNramed! Offered museum quality framed at $1500.00. G H Rothe is the Master of Mezzotint and this is a geat opportunity to acquire one of her mezzotints at a most reasonable price. No one has been able to duplicate the extreme detail of her work. No Sales Tax outside of Nevada.
Pas De Trois
Style: Figurative
height: 38width: 24

Price: $600.00Special: $95.00
Artist: G H Rothe

Screenprint Produced in 1975 Edition 300 Listed at $600.00 Unframed Should you be able to use this image for a promotion or fundraiser, we will extend a quantity discount. Please inquire.
The Fight
Style: Western
height: 12width: 10

Price: $2000.00Special: $995.00
Artist: G H Rothe

Mezzotint 1980 Ever been to a bull fight..this will take you there in raging beauty. Check out prices for G H Rothe on E-Bay and then make this one yours at a great price.
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