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Leo Osborne

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Leo continues explores many mediums and potentialities in art, as with his paintings, which he refers to as "acrylusion", the fusion of acrylic paint over gold leaf gilded panels. He refuses to get locked into a niche and play the same tune over and over. He has always been a sort of rebel. His philosophy is that ART transcends all borders and boundaries. Each creation of our hands comes from the heart and mind and reflects the creative spirit and energy of the Universal Maker. Therefore, we must honor it as sacred. As caretakers of this planet, we must in all hospitality and with consciousness leave this life having given back something of beauty. We must be led by spirit and like so many artists prior, we are storytellers of our time. Painting and sculpture are rhythm, musical form, mood, feeling, the jazz and the energy within. Release that from wood or with paint and the story unfolds.
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Playing Bear
Style: Sculpture
height: 4width: 5

Price: $750.00
Artist: Leo Osborne

Limited Edition of 100 Dimensions: 4X5X3 POEM: PLAYING BEAR Tumbling rolling, so joyously playing, life resembles the farting bear
Rainforest Dream
Style: Sculpture
height: 53width: TBA

Price: $11820.00
Artist: Leo Osborne

The original wooden sculpture of this bronze entitled "AMAZON" is available. Inquire. A bronze of this sculpture is in the permanent collection of the Benson Sculpture Park, Loveland, Colorado. Limited Edition of 24 Dimensions: 53x14x19 POEM: RAINFOREST DREAM Dreaming in amethyst light, crystalline fragments form visions of brilliant macaws taking flight. FREE Shipping within the Continental U.S. No Sales Tax outside of Nevada
Raven's Cache
Style: Sculpture
height: 24width: 9

Price: $1990.00
Artist: Leo Osborne

Limited Edition of 24 Dimensions:24X9X9 POEM: RAVEN'S CACHE Within the chamber of the pedestal, Raven holds the Sun while he talks of his mysteries and mythologies.Such a Trickster this one, and yet in my own cunning magic, I coaxed him forth from the wood. Call me RAVEN too. FREE Shipping within the Continental U.S. No Sales Tax outside of Nevada
Sunrise LION
Style: Sculpture
height: 13width: 38

Price: $10000.00
Artist: Leo Osborne

Limited Edition of 49 Dimensions:13x38x23 POEM: SUNRISE Power, grace, elegance emerging from its own plinth. Rising out of burlwood textures,raw and primal essence. Lion awakens to the dawn of a new age, new insights about ancient truths. Truths that stalk us and devour us. Only to be born again and allowed to sprout once more from the chaotic patterns of grain within the nature of the burl. FREE shipping and no sales tax outside of Nevada. A lifetime sculpture to be admired and cherished.
The Guide OWL
Style: Sculpture
height: 41width: 12

Price: $6000.00
Artist: Leo Osborne

Limited Edition of 50 Dimensions:41x12x14< POEM:THE GUIDE Great Horned Hunter, guide of the Night. Lift me in your wings, so silent as we fly. Take me into moonlight through this dark and troubled night and set me free at morning's light . If you love owls..this is MUST piece that you will cherish all of your life. Payment plan available to make this yours. FREE Shipping and no sales tax outside Nevada
The Messenger
Style: Sculpture
height: 33width: 8

Price: $5000.00
Artist: Leo Osborne

Details Limited Edition of 50 Dimensions: 33x8x8 The original maple burl wood sculpture of this bronze is available. Inquire POEM: THE MESSENGER − EGYPTIAN EPIPHANY The Egpytian god Horus is represented by a falcon on a perch. Horus is said to be the child of the gods Osiris and Isis and thus represents the primary celestial beings; the sun and the moon. Considered a sun god, the kings of Egypt identified with Horus and took the god's name as the first of their titles Symbolically, "The Messenger−Egyptian Epiphany" carries the light of space between worlds. It is the Egpytian epiphany of god and man as Horus, awaiting coronation as king. The plinth bears the swirling azure reflections of the Nile wrought within a brilliant sunset beneath the falcon sun deity. The noble falcon emanates royalty with majestic plumage of purple, red and gold.
The Observer MAGPIE
Style: Sculpture
height: 36width: TBA

Price: $11500.00
Artist: Leo Osborne

Wood & Acrylic Paint Dimensions 36X6X5I POEM:THE OBSERVER Seeing into the auras of those who pass. Perched and observing with a mystical eye. She knows our secrets, she feels your cry, she is here for your pleasure-THE REGAL MAGPIE. If you google Leo Osborne and realize the worth of his pieces and can afford an original - what are you waiting for. Call for best price.
The Voyager TURTLE
Style: Sculpture
height: 3width: 14

Price: $2020.00
Artist: Leo Osborne

Limited Edition of 100 Dimensions 3X14X10 POEM: VOYAGER Drifting in currentsof cosmic sea, I think of Voyager turtle and stories heard on oceanic waves . This is a most unusual piece for a collector and admirer of turtles and the ocean. FREE shipping and no sales tax outside of Nevada
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